Self Serve Printers


Epson 3880s and 4880s

All printing on the above Epson  printers is self serve and students must be authorized by a technician or instructor to use these printers.  Authorizations will be held in class.

  • Undergraduate access is from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday.  Evening access is posted on the door of rm. 132
  • Printers are reserved via sign up sheets posted in the lab two weeks in advance.  You may sign up for a maximum of two consecutive hours per day on a first come first served basis.  If there is no one signed up, or the person scheduled is more than 15 minutes late, then the printer will become available for walk in access.
  • Some printers (4880s) are designated for Photo surface papers (luster, semigloss, glossy etc) OR Matte surfaces (Enhanced Matte, Ultrasmooth etc). Other printers (3880s) can run either surface. All printers are labeled so please ensure you are signing up for the correct printer for your paper type.
  • Undergraduate students do not pay for ink costs on the printers but must provide their own paper.  There are a varietyof paper surfaces (see below) available for purchase by the sheet at the York University Bookstore
  • Please report all printing problems immediately to the technician or lab monitor in rm. 132.

Paper Available:

The papers below can be purchased by 13”x19” sheet at the York University Bookstore

-   Premium Luster (13x19”)

-       Ultra Premium Presentation paper (formerly Enhanced Matte) (13x19”)

-       Semigloss (13x19”)

-       Ultra Smooth Fine Art (13x19”)

Printing in Black and White on the Epson Stylus Pro 4880

Printing in Colour on the Epson Stylus Pro 4880

Printing in Black and White on the Epson Stylus Pro 3880

Printing in Colour on the Epson Stylus Pro 3880

Technician Run Printers


Print Order Form

All printing on the 9880 and 9890 is done by a technician.  There is no self-service option on these printers.

  • Submit your files to the technician in room 132 and complete a printing request form (on clipboard outside door). If you are dropping off files after hours, please complete a printing request form and use the drop box outside room 132.
  • You may submit files on USB key (with your name on it!!!). Files cannot be emailed or submitted via server.
  • Turn around time is 2 full business days and this can be extended at the end of term due to high volume of jobs.  Any files submitted via drop box overnight will be guaranteed for two business days from the following morning.
  • Payment is due upon pick up of prints and is through Yu-card only. Prints do not leave the facility until they have been paid for. There are no exceptions. Fines will be charged if prints have been removed from the lab without payment.

Paper Available:

Roll paper for the large format printers is provided by the facility and students are charged for the amount they use.

-       Premium Luster (24”w, 44”w)
-       Ultra Premium Presentation paper (formerly Enhanced Matte) ( 24”w, 44”w)
-       Semi Matte (24”w, 44”w)
-       Ultra Smooth Fine Art (maximum 24”w)


  • When printing on the 9880 and 9890 Undergraduate students will be charged for paper costs only.  However, if the image is more than 50% black, a surcharge of 30% will be added to the total cost.
  • Paper cost is .016 per square inch (except for the Ultrasmooth Fine Art, which is .024 per square inch.)


Full size of print (note: any borders must be included in file)

Length x Width x .016 = $_______ 

  • To pick up your print, you must first pay via Yu-card. There are no exceptions!  You can deposit cash onto your Yu-card at the Scott library, or via credit card on the York website: 

File Formatting

To prevent printing problems, please submit your files according to the specifications below:

-       Flatten your images
-       Save as Tiff files
-       Make sure your files have a printable resolution 180-300ppi at your desired output size.