Film Printing

All large format printing on film will be completed by the technician or lab monitors. The film used is: Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP Transparency Film,  17” and 24” width rolls are available.


Undergraduate students enrolled in specific Photo or Printmedia classes have their ink cost covered by lab fees and will be charged for film costs only.
CalculationLength x Width x .020 = $_______

For example: 11” x 17” = 187 sq in x .02 = $3.74

To pick up your film, you must first pay via Yu-card.  We do not accept cash. You can deposit cash on your Yu-card at the Scott Library or can deposit funds via credit card online at:

Receipts are available upon request.


Submit your files for printing online via this form:

To submit files you must share a link from your student Google Drive account, or Dropbox.

1. Upload your file or folder into your Google Drive.
2. Highlight file or folder and click: Get shareable link (at top right).
3. Link sharing should be on.
4. Click on Sharing Settings.
5. Set to: Anyone with the link can view.
6. Click on Copy Link.
7. Paste link into required field on form.

Turn around time is 2 full business days and this can be extended at the end of term due to high volume of jobs.  Any files submitted overnight will be guaranteed for 2 business days from the following morning.

Payment is due upon pick up of prints and is through Yu-card only. Prints do not leave the facility until they have been paid for. There are no exceptions.


  • All files should be sized for desired output (if you want an 8”x10” please size your file accordingly).
  • Files should be prepared according to your printmaking process (screen, intaglio, litho…). If you are unsure how to prepare your files, please see your teacher for instructions or utilize the cheat sheets available in the lab binder in rm. 132.
  • Make sure image size is no wider than 24”
  • Files must be a printable resolution (between 180-360ppi).

NOTE:    You will be charged for the amount of film used (17” or 24” x     ) no matter what the size of your image. For example: 8”x10” would be calculated as 17”x8” (17” is the smallest roll width).  To maximize your film, create a single file with multiple images.