Digital Photo Lab


  • Absolutely NO food or drinks allowed!!!
  • Please clean up after yourselves.
  • Please be considerate and respectful of other people and their property.
    • Use headphones for audio.
    • Set cell phones to vibrate and leave the facility when talking on your cell phone.
    • Do not touch or move other peoples’ prints on top of the drawers.
    • Be respectful of other peoples’ work when moving prints in and out of the shared drawers.
  • Keep an eye on your valuables at all times. GCFA is a very high theft area.
  • Report any actions, activities or persons who do not belong in the facility to the technician or security immediately.
  • Bring appropriate materials to store work as files are automatically deleted upon log out.
  • Be ready to leave at the scheduled closing time, posted on the door. Start saving your work at least 15 minutes before it’s time to go. Closing times are not negotiable.
  • Tampering with locks, alarm systems and leaving stops in doors is dangerous and strictly prohibited.
  • Faculty, Technicians and Lab Monitors have the right to ask you to leave the premises if these rules are not met.



  • Students must attend in-class authorizations before using the equipment. Students absent from these demonstrations must make arrangements with faculty and the technician before they can be granted access to the equipment.
  • Report damaged and missing equipment to the technical staff immediately.



  • Access to the Digital Photo Imaging Lab is for students enrolled in certain Photography and Printmedia courses. Please see your instructor for access information.
  • Lab access is contingent on signing the Damage Collection Policy Waiver.
  • Priority access to the lab is given to students whose classes are in progress.
  • Outside class use is a privilege. It may be revoked if cleanliness, security and safety rules are not adhered to by the student.
  • Consult the posted Lab schedule for class times and after-hours, monitored access.
  • Monitors are students who have been hired by the university under the Work/Study program to carry out the specific responsibilities and supervision under the direction of faculty and technical staff. They are authorized to supervise the lab when faculty and technical staff are not on the premises.
  • Monitors are responsible for carrying out studio work, administrative work, maintenance and caretaking tasks assigned for their shift and are available to answer specific technical questions.
  • Monitors are proxies for faculty and technical staff. They must be accorded the proper respect.